Jay's Tea

For optimal health and performance.

Delicious flavors, layered with numerous health benefits.

Daily Tea Consumption

Japanese Cherry Sakura Blossom

Rich in antioxidants, strong anti-inflammatory, and helps repair damage to skin cells

Chinese White Tea

Reduced risk of cancer, cardiovascular disorder, and improvement in oral health.

Berry Patch

Loaded with antioxidants, anti-cancer properties, and a great source of fiber for a healthy digestive system.

Ginger Root

Powerful medicinal properties, lowers blood sugar, improves heart disease risk factors, aids in digestion.


My energy levels are extremely steady throughout the day and I don't feel the ups and downs anymore.  I drink the Jay's Tea Complete Blend on a daily basis and look forward to every sip!


Jay's Tea Deep Sleep Blend helps me get a good night's rest.  I wake up feeling well rested and eager to conquer the next day.  I serve it to dinner guests and everyone ends up loving it and ordering for themselves!


I love both of the tea blends either hot or cold.  Jay's Complete Blend helps me get through the day with energy, and the Deep Sleep Blend helps me wind down and allows me a good night's rest for the next day!


I have noticed a change in my health since I started drinking Jay's Teas.  Just as Jay says, it feels like drinking a cup of vitamins every day!


I never thought I could give up coffee, but the alkaline effects of Jay's Teas help me feel so much cleaner and healthier than the acidity of daily coffee consumption.  


Jay's journey to living a healthy lifestyle...

Since his early 20's, after battling and overcoming cancer, Jay started his journey to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. He developed his first "Complete" blend as a substitute for coffee.  As a daily alkaline nutritional beverage, it is loaded with phytonutrients (plant-based antioxidants) that offer countless health benefits.  

Jay and his wife, May, both work in the coastal southern California region as personal fitness trainers and nutritional counselors. Combined, they offer 25+ years of knowledge and experience to their continually-growing customer base. Optimal health is their focus!